Here is a list of articles I’ve written for the Christian Science Periodicals. You can find them at any Christian Science Reading Room or online.

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Searching and Finding the ScripturesChristian Science Sentinel9/2/1985
God's Inspiration - Always 'At Hand'Christian Science Sentinel7/28/1986
Spiritual Healing as the Cutting Edge of the FutureThe Christian Science Journal10/1/1987
Our First Real ChristmasChristian Science Sentinel12/25/1989
Sizing Things UpThe Christian Science Journal 5/1/1991
Prayer that Heals Pain and SufferingSentinel Radio Edition5/27/2006
Prayer that Heals Pain and SufferingChristian Science Sentinel 5/29/2006
Countering Terrorism on the Front Lines of Your Own ThoughtSentinel Radio Edition9/9/2006
Prayer for the World: What You Can DoChristian Science Sentinel9/25/2006
WMD=World Most DearThe Christian Science Journal2/1/2007
Live the SpiritThe Christian Science Journal5/1/2007
Since God Exists - What about Evil?The Christian Science Journal5/1/2008
When Money is Tight,Let Divine Love HelpSentinel Audio Chat10/14/2008
Calming Financial FearsSentinel Radio Edition11/8/2008
The Wellspring of God's Economy . . . and OursChristian Science Sentinel11/10/2008
The Power of HomeSentinel Radio Edition1/3/2009
The Power of UnityThe Christian Science Journal7/1/2010
Rolling Away the StoneThe Christian Science Journal5/1/2011
On God's WatchThe Christian Science Journal12/1/2011
Watching for What BelongsSentinel Audio Podcast3/31/2012
Awake to LoveThe Christian Science Journal 8/1/2012
Discovering God's GraceSentinel Audio Chat10/9/2012
The Best Christmas Gift EverChristian Science Sentinel11/26/2012
Joined TogetherThe Christian Science Journal5/1/2014
Experiments in TruthThe Christian Science Journal11/1/2014
Today’s ChoiceChristian Science Sentinel3/16/2015
The Christian Science Monitor: Central to our Healing PracticeThe Christian Science Journal1/1/2015
Can I attend my own Association but also attend another one in the same year?The Christian Science Journal12/1/2012
The Intermediate WayThe Christian Science Journal8/1/2015
Moving to a New ChurchChristian Science Sentinel9/21/15
How Shall We Celebrate?Christian Science Sentinel2/22/16
To Be What's Most NeededThe Christian Science Journal8/1/16
What if ... Love?Christian Science Sentinel8/8/16
Gifts from the Heart1The Christian Science Journal12/1/2016
Let the Energy of Spirit Fill the ChurchThe Christian Science Journal3/1/17
How Do You Know That?Christian Science Sentinal7/24/17
'I Just Don't Know How to Heal' - And a Lesson From PeterChristian Science Sentinal4/2/18

1. By Deborah Huebsch with contributions from Margaret Rogers, A. W. Phinney, Scott Preller, Lyle Young, Robin Hoagland